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Kavala Shuttle Transport

If you plan tο visit the Foreign Languages Forum in Xanthi from Kavala or the surrounding areas there will be a free shuttle bus service. The bus will depart from Dimotikos Kipos at 8:30 am and will leave Le Chalet Hotel at 3:45 pm. There are only 50 places, so you must register beforehand by choosing the ticket "Free Admission with Kavala Shuttle Transport".

Registration Deadline: 23 June 2022
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Who is Speaking?


Tanya Livarda
Tanya LivardaMa in TESOL, Celta, DELTA, EFL Teacher, Oral Examiner
Katerina Yacoumatou
Katerina YacoumatouELT Consultant at Burlington Books
Chryssa Lazou
Chryssa LazouEFL Educator, MEd in Distance Education
Faye Sotiriou
Faye SotiriouTeacher, Academic Consultant, Accredited Coach
Konstantina Karamouta
Konstantina KaramoutaTeacher, FLS Owner
Panagiotis Kyriazis
Panagiotis KyriazisELT consultant at MM Publications
Vivi Kamari
Vivi KamariMarketing & Promotion Manager Grivas Publications
Panagiota Pavlou
Panagiota PavlouELT Sales and Academic Consultant Northern Greece Express Publishing
Lawrence Mamas
Lawrence MamasAuthor, Global ELT LTD


Andreas Betsis
Andreas Betsis

Featured Presentations

Teaching English through STEAM

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is a new, innovative and broadly recognized method on teaching. Young learners are curious, they want to explore and learn more about the world. This method helps learners create meaning, think creatively and work collaboratively on scientific experiments, 3D mazes and many more. Let’s explore this magic world, together!

Konstantina Karamouta - Teacher, FLS Owner

Critical Thinking in the EFL: Think to learn

We are all aware of famous proverbs related to thinking, such as 'think before you speak','great minds think alike' or as Descartes put it ' I think; therefore I am'. We are also aware that thinking is essential for learning (Kadel, 2015). However, why do our students have difficulty in thinking critically? Is thinking something that we should teach and if yes how are we going to do it? During this session, we are going to explore the what, how, and why of critical thinking in the EFL class.

Tanya Livarda - MA in TESOL, Celta, DELTA, EFL Teacher, Oral Examinear

Hashtag English, New Stars and Stripes and Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan ECCE & ECPE, The Art of Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary Booster

Hashtag English: Assisting Flexibility, Maximising Learning!
#English is a newly created, exciting course for A-C classes with engaging, fun content, designed to motivate students, promote inclusivity and meet the new, emerging educational needs. #English offers an effective combination of print and digital resources, allowing for flexible teaching (in-class, Blended or Flipped learning), enhancing student autonomy and boosting the development of real-life skills.

New Stars and Stripes and Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan ECCE & ECPE: Aim for Success!
The new Express Publishing Coursebooks & Practice Tests for the Revised Michigan Exams will help you prepare students for exam success, utilising top-quality print and digital resources. Accompanied by the new, updated Express Digibooks, the new courses and exam material support teaching and learning in a flexible way.

Hot off the press: The Art of Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary Booster: Teaching Writing and Grammar effectively at B2 level!

Panagiota Pavlou - ELT Sales and Academic Consultant Northern Greece, Express Publishing

Burlington Luke & Myla

Burlington Luke & Myla, our exciting new three-part coursebook series for A-C classes, is packed with exciting adventure stories with 3D animation, real world information and multimodal learning opportunities. It is accompanied by free interactive webbooks for use in the classroom and online.

Katerina Yacoumatou, ELT Consultant, Burlington Books

Grammar as the system of a language and not as the rules of it- if taught properly, can help improve your students’ command of the language.

Grammar as the system of a language and not as the rules of it- if taught properly, can help improve your students’ command of the language.
NEW Way to Grammar C1/C2 and NEW Writing C1/C2.
NEW Follow Us – Junior Series
Grivas ELT interactive -JOIN our ever-growing digital environment and ENJOY your alternative classroom for FREE!
Get ready for the all-new Digital Era

NEW Way to Grammar C1/C2
Grammar is the weaving that creates the fabric: Context, Accuracy, Communication. It is the Science that lies behind the Art of Literature and Composition.
NEW Writing C1/C2
You cannot teach your students to write, any more than you can teach them to paint, but you can guide them to develop a technique.

NEW Junior Series
Teaching Young Learners can be a rewarding experience!
FOLLOW US … and let the adventure begin!

Everyone attending our presentation will be entered into a draw in which two lucky attendees will win the new Grivas English-Greek Dictionary (either the two-volume set or the shorter edition).

Vivi Kamari, Marketing & Promotion Manager, Grivas Publications

Discover World Watchers – MM Publications’ exciting new coursebook series for A – C classes.

Who are the World Watchers? Where are they going? And why will they appeal to our students? Through their fantastic world, we are able to increase engagement, spark creative thinking and pass on the learning skills which we teachers consider so important. Is this just wishful thinking? Attend our session and see for yourself… World Watchers.

Panagiotis Kyriazis - ELT Consultant, MM Publications

Re-Teach, Re-Coach, Re-Learn

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Creativity are among the most wanted 21st c. soft skills according to the World Economic Forum and HR professionals.
Is ‘Redefining Teaching’ somehow embedded to transforming our world?
Taking into consideration globalization, diversity and the 2030 UN agenda for sustainable development goals for a better world, education, learning, school, teacher, and student, are terms that should be re-evaluated. As the 21st century concept of ‘Lifelong Learning’ acquires new dimensions, Ready for Planet English (Pre-A1 - B2) series by Eli Publishing is the innovative educational tool that sets the mindset for skilled citizens of the world by teaching global English.

Faye Sotiriou - Teacher, Academic Consultant, Accredited Coach. Deportivo Publishing

“” – Learning to Learn and Learning to Discern in the new produsage ecosystem

Generation Z was born within a globally connected ecosystem with Internet and digital devices at their disposal. Nevertheless, the shift to emergency remote learning due to the pandemic proved that they were neither prepared to learn online nor to discern disinformation in a crisis era. The “” project was a rapid response effort to enhance digital and media literacy skills for teenagers through CLIL in blended learning environments expanding its efficacy on a national level.

Chrysoula Lazou - State School Teacher, MEd in Distance Education

ELT Exam Update

1. ELT Exam Update The new landscape in English language assessment and the main advantages of Greek language schools.
2. Improve OUR English How teaching at all levels helps teachers get better themselves in most areas of the English language.
3. Grading English accurately and objectively A presentation on what exactly the CEFR levels represent through practical examples that can surprise even experienced teachers of English.

Andrew Betsis, Laurence Mammas