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Room Pasiphae 1


Panel Discussion

Language Schools: The way Forward

The Chair persons of the local PALSO associations, under the moderation of Chris Sotiropoulos will discuss the obstacles they faced in the last 2 years and highlight the oppportunites for future development and growth.


Professional Presentation - PACE

Maria Alafogianni - Teacher trainer, freelance translator, academic and career guidance counselor

Getting Lost in Translation? Never Again!!! Go for CIOL Diploma in Translation

In this presentation you will get all the information you need about the CIOL DipTrans and find out how we can assist you in acquiring a professional qualification that will upgrade your linguistic skills so as to succeed in the field of translation worldwide.


Plenary Session - Sponsored by Burlington Books

Alan Maley - Author

What We Know and What We Do, and Why

In language education there is sometimes a massive mismatch between what we know and what we actually do. For example, we know that learning a foreign language takes a very large number of hours, yet we offer only 3 to 5 hours a week of instruction. We know that all learners are different, yet we teach them as if they were all the same. We know that learning is not a linear process, yet we develop curricula and materials as if it were. I will examine these and a number of other bizarre inconsistencies in some detail.

I shall then speculate on the reasons for our quaint tendency to do the opposite of what would be rational These will include ‘Groupthink’, insecurity, ‘learned helplessness’, delusions of control, innate conservatism and the momentum of tradition.

What might education look like if we were to act on what we know? I will consider some answers to this in my conclusion.


Professional Presentation - Express Publishing

Dimitris Hilaris ELT Regional Manager

Teaching in the past or teaching in the present? Creating a culture of effective communication in the language classroom.

What exactly does it mean to be a teacher in the 21st century? How do you know whether you’ve embraced the latest skills required to educate students in the modern world? Are your values reflected in all of your instructional materials, both within and outside the classroom? Are you armed with the appropriate information to facilitate communication? Are there easily accessible tools and meaningful activities to boost your learners’ confidence? Effective communication skills are vital for success, as they foster student growth and future learning while creating a secure learning environment. Three brand new Express Publishing coursebooks for senior classes are specifically designed to prepare students for the real world, while enjoying the learning process!


Plenary Session

Michael Carrier

Future-proofing your school: delighting your students

This talk focuses on the benefits of innovation in our schools. We need to continually innovate to achieve growth and to delight our students. Schools cannot survive and thrive without Innovation.

This talk will look at how innovation works and how to drive it in your school. We will look at the key competences of strategy and innovation that managers need to have – add new curriculum content or technologies that may be necessary.

We will talk about training activities you can use with your colleagues, like envisioning with ‘The Cover Story’, or using ‘The Perception Map’ to assess market positioning strategy.

How can innovative approaches to service delivery and the latest digital tools support teachers and make learning more exciting and effective for your learners?

Some issues to discuss:

  • How can technology enhance learning in and out of the classroom?
  • How can you improve your marketing and get more students?
  • How can you ‘delight’ your customers so they keep coming back and re-enrolling in new courses?


Plenary Session - Sponsored by GlobalCert

Nick Michelioudakis - Teacher, examiner, presenter, and teacher trainer

Exam preparation: All the tools and tips you need [plus four bonus activities]

‘How can I best prepare my students for the exams?’ In this very practical session, we will be looking at tips and tools that you can use to help students develop all four of their skills. ‘But wait: I also have to use past papers in class, right? How can I make this interesting?’ No worries; the session also features a demonstration of four very easy, very practical activities that you can use with our students tomorrow.

Room Pasiphae 2


Professional Presentation - Burlington Books

Christina Bakopoulou, Managing Director

Ricco and Me!

Ricco and Me! Step into Ricco’s world and give your junior students a rich and rewarding learning experience. Highlights include 3D animated adventures, interesting real-world content and specially-made documentary videos. And students can improve their pronunciation with Burlington’s unique new Scan and Speak feature in their interactive webbooks. Come along and find out more.


Professional Presentation - MM Publications

Maria Mpaka, Academic consultant, Teacher Trainer, Greece & Cyprus

Discover World Watchers – MM Publications’ exciting new coursebook series for A – C classes

Who are the World Watchers? Where are they going? And why will they appeal to our students? Through their fantastic world, we are able to increase engagement, spark creative thinking and pass on the learning skills which we teachers consider so important. Is this just wishful thinking? Attend our session and see for yourself… World Watchers.

Key Links: the ideal coursebook for Proficiency levels

Key Links C1/C2 is a brand-new course following the latest requirements of the CEFR and takes learners smoothly from B2 to C2 level. The course allows learners to communicate fluently and accurately in English, and also prepares them for all major international examinations at C1 and C2 level. Its unique features make it the ideal coursebook for teachers and students alike.


Workshop - Sponsored by Burlington Books

Alan Maley - Author

Creative Writing for Teachers and Learners.

We will start by discussing the unique nature of creative writing and how it differs from the kind of factual, expository writing we usually teach. I will then briefly outline the benefits which creative writing can bring to both teachers and learners – in terms of language, life and learning. We will then spend the rest of the workshop exploring some simple but effective activities for writing poems. If time allows, we may also suggest some ideas for creating stories too. Bring paper. Bring a pen. Bring your whole self along!

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